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Patho is fun

Remember last blog post I was saying Maths is more fun than biology.. note that im NOT saying pathology ok!! I like Dr Thani, Dr SriKumar, and Dr AnnieTey teaching pathology, so I should say Pathology is INTERESTING oso…

Somehow, this cell protect African or Asian from malaria....
Its typical Sickle cell, c the sickle shape of RBC?

The famous Reed-Sternberg cell found in Hodgkin's Lymphoma, wahh, if my EOS 3 come out a question ask us to describe, i will be very very happy lor!!!!

Pepper pot appearance or punched out lesion in multiple myeloma, a WBC disorder...

OOoo, this remind me of IRON MAN, the movie that we watch on the day after our Haemato/GI system course exam.... U know the main female character in the movie?

Ok, everyone of us shout out "Pepper pot appearance" on the first time the name of Ms Pepper is called!! and then the next word we say is 'Multiple Myeloma'..

Haiz, considered this as post exam syndrome lar...

Ya, and actually i wanted to show another picture, the famous crew-cut or hair on end appearance in skull X-ray of thalassemia patient,
WOW, that picture is so interesting, and know what?
the first time i saw that picture is during my Haemato/GI exam, before that, i only know there is this condition call hair on end appearance, until i open my exam paper sheet and saw a COOL skull X-ray picture inside, my first thought is "WOW, hair on end appearance is like that one ruparupanya...", n thanks God that appearance is so obvious so i can answer that question correctly...

So, u know pathology is FUN rite? Dr Thani will give me a high-five once he heared that!

Lets study hard!

Dr Thani is our coordinater for EOS 3, so i m sure there is going to be alot alot Pathology question in our exam one!!!

Ps, Dr Thani, Dr SriKumar, Dr AnnieTey is my university pathologist n lecturer, they r very nice n funny person...

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