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Passion Quest

Finish Gombak Rotation,
Patho Lab today,
BS tomorrow...

This means that my exam is coming nearer n nearer.....


Er, tuesday i went for passion quest at marissa place, its so fun man!! and i really enjoy the whole section. Maybe i will blog about it more next time....

But for now,

lets ask urself some questionS:

1. What am I passionate about?
2. Am I willing to sacrifice time and money for this passion?
3. Is this passion worth suffering for or giving my life to?
4. How would my passion inspire and benefit others?

Don worry, this is not a wu liao "tag" post where the blogger tag another blogger to answer the question....

Just ask urself that 4 question. So what is the things that DRIVEs ur life, have u ever thing about it? or u just live a carefree life without thinking about what will happen in future?!

Let's have a bigger view of our life, and start believe that our life is WORTH living for!!!

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