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MDG comment #1

I m suppose to blog about Malaysian Dream Girl long time ago one...(to win myself some prices?!maybe)

But due to my busy schedule n EXAMS i never have chance to blog, hhmm, now oso i dont think i can give much comment here, just show some my favourite photos...

Miss C + Cheesie
Most probably the most famous blogger among all MDG contestant...

Congrats to Cindy, our first Malaysian Dream Girl.
I love her long long long hair!!!


Ringo n Adeline, the 2 chinese girl in MDG. Preety!!!

And not to forget her...
Jean, from IMU and that's why i got to know there is this show call Malaysian Dream Girl...

Let's share some story of me knowing this show MDG,

One day i m in d lift going to my friend's house with my friend, then, a guy come into the lift...
We continue talking, (totally ignore him) , out of a sudden,

that guy ask us.."r u guys IMU students?"
We say "Ya?!"

Then he ask "Do u know about Malaysian Dream Girl?"
Our answer "Huh??Eerrmm..."

He continue asking "Do u know there is one IMU girl from P106 is joining that show?"
We *scratch our head* "Eerrmmm..."

Then he say, "ok, nvm, u all got facebook rite, go n check up there is this group in facebook on her under ur imu file.."
We are like..."Ok?!"

(for ur info, imu ppl prefer facebook to friendster, so get a facebook if u consider urself as IMU-ian)

Then the lift open, me n my friend went out from the lift,
suddenly i have one though,

I ask him, "so u r her...??!!"
He said "Boyfriend"

Tat, the lift door close....

So, this is how i get to know this show, and when i started watching it,
Jean pull out because want to sit for her End Of Semester Exam, an exam everyone in IMU is scare off, no matter is Medicine or Pharmacy, everyone that come out from that exam hall after EOS will give the same sad expression....

Too bad, she didnt got to continue her journey in MDG, but i m glad she chose to continue her study...And think that she is living for UK soon, means my chances of meeting her is so rare dy......
Hope to c her around in IMU one day before she leave Bukit Jalil!!!

Ooppzz, i know i m suppose to comment about MDG but i ended up talking about Jean.
Nvm, this is a blog of someone study in same uni as Jean, so its ok if there is bias in comment....

....to be continue.......

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