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Maths Que

Lets test ur maths….

Can u fill the boxes below with numbers from 1 to 9 so that vertically, horizontally, diagonally, the sum of the numbers are 15…

Sound like Suduko, and actually its quite easy!!

Hint: 9 should be the first number u put inside the box..Ok, I hope everyone will get it.

I know a lot of ppl start to give up after 3-4 try, ya, I admit I oso didn't get it during my 3/4th try(mayb because no one told me 9 should be the first number I consider…), but I get it finally and I found that its just so so so EASY, which give me a sense of satisfication when I complete!!

Dono why, my friend call me NERD when I told her I complete the table…

My another fren ask me why don't I go n become an engineer o actuaries?

Considering, but STOP, excuse me, this is a big NO NO NO NO for me, I don't want to quit medicine ok, somemore I had INVEST so many $$$ in IMU….!!!!!!

Haha, hope u guys get the answer…I will tell the answer next time…

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