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Just a quick update, i spend this weekend teman-ing my mum go preaching in Ipoh and Taiping... No, i didnt PREACH, is my mum ok!!!!

I really salute my dear mummy, she had gone to Kampar last friday, i mean the day when i m sitting comfortably in the bus going back to hometown, then yesterday afternoon we went Ipoh, stay over night, come back in the afternoon today, and now she went to Pantai Remis with my dear daddy, AND, tonight, we r going to Taiping again....Havent finish, tomorow night we will go Ipoh again...

Oh, did i mention that my mum is the one driving to Kampar, Ipoh and Taiping, cause i still cant drive properly although i had gotten my real driving license for >2 years (if plus the P license, means i can drive legally since 4 years ago, but my driving skill still ...@@@@)...

Well, Ipoh is nice...the food is EXCELENT!!
Elder Lian really know where to bring ppl eat in Ipoh, didnt manage to snap alot of photo thought, here's some photoS.

The hotel we stay...

And next, FOOD!!!

Well, if u really wana try ipoh food....find an Ipoh friend and i m sure they will bring you... But u must tell them don everytime bring u to eat "nga chui gai", cause there is MUCH more good food then that in IPOH..

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