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I love maths


Just in different ways...

I took a multiple intelligence survey test last time during campus weekend,
hhmm, jst answer some simple question, like

- I am keenly aware of my surroundings and what goes on around me
- My favourite class is PE since I like sports
- I like to keep a diary
- I like to draw and create
- I play a musical instrument quite well
- Friends ask for my advice because I seem to be a natural leader
- I really enjoy my math class
- If i have to memorise, i create a rhyme or saying to help me remember
- I find solving math problems to be fun
......................and a lot more question from 8 different category.

Then, as what we normally do after taking a survey like this..
we add up our score in each category, 10 is maximum score for each category.

1. Naturalist Intelligence - 6
2. Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence - 3
3. Intrapersonal Intelligence - 4
4. Visual-Spatial Intelligence - 4
5. Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence - 5 (Surprisingly, tot i would score higher)
6. Interpersonal Intelligence - 3
7. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence - 8 (as Expected)
8. Verbal Linguistic - 4

Lets analyse, i score less than half score for bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal, visual-spatial, interpersonal and verbal linguistic! My sports is very bad i know, so not surprising. English is my WORST subject when i m in secondary school...the only subject that i can score an C (ok, the whole class only one person get B normally for ur info...). So, verbal linguistic not my cup of tea..
But i m PRO in chinese, i m NOT a BANANAman, i m a chinese that speaks chinese and write in chinese!!!
Other aspect, no comment..

And i m not surprise oso when i score highest in Logical-Mathematical intelligence... I LOVE MATHS!!

Then, according to the survey paper,
ppl that score highest in Logical-Mathematical has the
-ability to handle numbers and calculations, patterns, logical and scientific thinking
-see pattern in their information
-can retain numbers in their mind for a much longer duration
-excelleng in logical thinking and problem-solving

Job which need this intelligence: Scientists, Researchers, Engineers.....

Well well, what i m surprise is ALOT of ppl around me HATE maths, which i really dont understand, how can ppl dont like Maths?? Its so fun!!

That's why they ask me why i m in Medical school? I should b in (mayb MIT?!) some technology university doing engineering!

Aww, NOPE, i wont go there ok, i chose medicine cause it oso about problem solving, u need to solve a case by giving a correct diagnosis, knowing what is the most suitable drugs to give to patients, how to manage a patient when they come in with emergency, and how to give patients counselling to a patients with chronic disease..

There is oso alot of numbers involve in medicine what, like Full Blood Count, Blood Pressure, Glucose Level, Bleeding Time, Prothrombin Time, APTT, Liver Size, Heart Beat..............

Ya, i should stop crazy about maths now, i m not a maths genius i admit.

So, back to study my anatomy, physiology, microbiology, parasitology, pharmacology and Pathology...

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