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To Be Fair...

I know i had blog alot about my dear friend since SRC (Student Representative Council)election start, so to be fair, lets show some other photos n my comment during husting week...

Basically, there is 3 day of husting during that week. First day is for all those Rep, ie Social Representative, Sports Rep, Culture n religious Rep. I m not there cause i m going for a Seremban talk organize by Mezhen n IMU Alumni...

The second day is for IT Liason(formerlly Vice Secretary), Treasure, Public Relationship Liason(formerlly Vice Treasurer). I was there of course...and that day is the day that has the MOST number of audience, hhmm, as the SRC member said, may b because everyone want to know more about where did their MONEY goes n how SRC treasurer manage the money...

Nicholas and Adeline running for Public Relationship Liason ; Geowin win uncontested for IT Liason

3 treasurer candidates

Chin Yeong + Jeya + Dominic, running for treasurer

3 of them are very good i think, but they show 3 different personality...as shown in this photo

The last husting day, Friday is for Secretary, Vice President Medicine, VP Pharmacy, VP Health Science, and President.
President Leslie that won uncontested is absent cause he need to settle some stuff in his country...But he did his speech through pre-recorded video.
VP Health Science r not there oso, i think she hasnt come back from work, nursing student work till 3pm during weekday...so she tak sempat come back i guess..

Husting Friday... For Secretary, VP, and President..
Note Keng Seng expression, the top two photos, his face is so SOUR, but good thing he did smile when i ask him to do so, so i can take a nice photo of him ma...Oh, ya, Keng Seng won uncontested for Secretary...

Sweet Mezhen + Famous Aveena, both running for Medicine Vice President

The candidates, the former SRC, the audience, the crowd...gather at the atrium...

The winner n result for SRC election n those who get into SRC Board is posted by me long time ago..Congrats again to them, their will officially become SRC members in 2th June!!

Hope they really can make a different....

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