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This call a day

What a day!

Wake up 8++am just to find myself fall asleep "accidentally" yesterday night.

Try to study, study..

11am, plan to go IMU print something and renew library book.

IMU elab SYSTEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went into elab 2, try the 1st PC, can't log in to my account,
a KIND senior told me the system is down, no point waiting for the account to log in...

Went to elab 1, try 2nd, 3rd, 4th PC, can't log in to my account, can't access to internet.

Go to helpdesk ask, the guy say they really sorry about that but cant promise when can they repair the problem.

Then he ask me "how many PC have u try in elab 2"
I answer "elab 2? err, one?!"
He say "u need to try A FEW cause some are having problem, some still can used"
I ask "are u sure?"
He say "yes yes, go back elab 2 and try on more PC"


Went back to elab 2, try on 5th PC, cannot log in.
6th PC, cannot log in
7th PC, cannot log in
8th PC, *patiently and full of hope* CANNOT log in oso!!

Means that i cannot print my thing today..Haiz, why IMU system down when my printer ran out of ink?!

Go to renew library book, went back.
Phone friend to borrow printer, she say she is going back to hometown dy...


Went back, thinking how, praying.

Ok, and at last the solution is:
I print my things using my HOUSEMATE printer.

Finish printing, plan to do some householdchore, start iron my clothes, a junior message, telling me later his result coming out, he think he didnt do well.

Start counselling via sms but found that the more i counsel the more negative minded is him......*faint*

Then continue my ironing.

Halfway, another junior call "Qian Hui where r u now?"
"I m at home lar..."
"that means u cannot help me take my result dy?" (what question is this lar?!)
"Oo, okok, when is ur result coming out?"
"Oo, okok, i go n take now"

Then, again, i rush to IMU, and dono where should i take the result..
Go to 4th floor, i tot at mph 6, no one there, rush down, he call again
"have u taken my result"

....Jason can u be more patient.....

Then meet my friend, he say take at mph4, go into mph4, no one there.
Ask again, they say at AAD, rush to AAD, but make a silly mistake again...

I tell them, "exuse me, i m taking on behalf of my friend"
Ms Kelly ask me "do u have any letter from the student?"
"what letter, he is on the phone now, u can talk to him"
"No no no, we only accept letter"

On the other end of my phone
"Qian Hui have u taken my result?"
"No lar, they don allow......"
"Then how?!"
*.....i very fan edy....*
"ok ok, now u put down the phone, i will find way to get for u now.."

Go to ask someone for paper planing to write a letter and sign on behalf of my friend, but half way realize how i so silly...

Quickly stop a junior that i know, take away his nametag,
"can u just go in n pretend u r XXX, tell the person ur student ID is xxxxxxxxx n take the result"

Poor junior, force by me, go in and take out the result....
Open the result, call Jason, ok,

JASON, u PASS ur EOS 2!!!!!!

What lar, this goes my day....

Later will be going to IMU again, for the 3rd time of today, studying with Diana..
A day just pass, i got 25 days left for exam now..................

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