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My face

Do i look like a cerebrity?

Hhmm, ok, i dont think so lar, cause i know i m not that preety, but ya, i know everyone is unique.......That's why out of curiousity, i try to put a photo to that website n check..

......10% loading

......35% loading

......50% loading

......95% loading


The outcome is....


Wow, not bad ar, at least i got 80-98% look like some japanese celebrity ar...haha, Shock Sendiri only..
Hhhmmm, let me admit, the result come out like this is because i use a quite nice photo to check..and everyone know photos can cheat one, ppl that may not look so preety but because she catch the right angle when taking photos, inside the photo she become very preety.

That's why sometime u see ppl blog, esp those wu liao blog that upload up >5 of their own photos in EACH and EVERY blog, like scare ppl dono their face, if u observe, most of their photos are taken from the same angle..WHY? Because only that angle, they can come out with nice photo, if not......@@@@

Talking about that, let me comment abit of some ppl blog, i know my blog aren't that good oso, but better than some who put up their photos in every post, i didnt say cannot put photos, if u put photos with different background, is to show different places of different events, then it's fine, but DON lar put 3/4 photo of ONLY ur FACE n sometime ur NECK on every blog post.....

Worst still, all the post are the same, we know u r very rich got webcam or good digital camera with BIG BIG memory size that can store 1000++++ of ur own photo, but pls lar post it to other place or jst keep inside ur own PC or laptope lar.

In Friendster oso, hhmm, last time i use to do that, but now i dont dy, after i realize how DISGUSTING i m..same goes to those who still do that, pls note, the adjective is disgusting ok!! U know, on one profile, ppl will put like 10++ photos of their own face, with same expression, same shirt and same look...

Excuse me, if u r a model mayb i understand, if u r NOT n understand that with ur heigh, U will NEVER become a model material, pleast stop it lar....i repeat, its DISGUSTING....No matter how preety u r, after browsing through 5 of ur photos of same pose, ppl oso will feel sien lar, worst if they found ur flaw in the 5th photos and their expectation on u drop......

Ok, this is just a light post, out of those examS and studieS and my university activitieS...

My End Of Semester (EOS) exam coming very very soon...
Wont update so often dy...Happy always everyone.....

Have a nice day.

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