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My comment #4

Apart from the post n comment of our M108/Dt108 orientation...

Before that i end this series of comments, lets show some of the photos when I m still a sem1 junior…

Our Ice Breaker very very fun one, exp the Steam BOM, where the seniors throw rotten egg+smelly fish+smelly food from the window of 4th floor to we, the group of juniors sitting in front of ground floor n cover up our head to avoid kena by the 'BOM'…

Track Trip, juniors, the theme I gives u all this year is very simple dy lor, u know my group theme last time is "60's in Sungai Wang", that's why all of us dress like 60s to walk around Sungai Wang u know…

My dear OOs, love them always..

And u know during our signature hunt, we really kena bully n dimarah by seniors one ok, like u saw in the photos…I remember the face of that senior and will not like her, and I don want b such a senior that bully junior like this as her!!

=the end=

Ps: IMU=International Medical University, a medical university in Bukit Jalil……

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