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My comment #3

For Variety Night, basically, I would say its very well done, the backdrop, the videos, the judging, the music, its very good. Just some group really give bad performance, like…

our group, i wish i can show a video here, but somehow i fail... Nvm lar, if i show, Chin Nam is going to belasah me dy..

There is 2 performance, one is group preformance, another one is POTW=Prince Of The Wild, where the juniors need to dance like an animal or plant..My group is Lotus.

Those who perform so badly get QC which means Quality Control check, the worst part is a Super OO like me that just learn about the dance 3 hours before the performance oso kena and being put on the "Sirim Rejected" tag, what is this lar, I though everyone should appreatiate OO's participation one, haiz… and WHY my two other girl juniors didn't kena QC, ooppzz……

Now come to Track Trip, an event where juniors are assign to different shopping mall in KL to take some funny and creative picture.100 marks is allocated oso, which is the same maximum mark as other events! According to some seniors, juniors LOVES and think that Track Trip is the best events. Ya, actually when I m a junior joining an orientation, I loves Track Trip the MOST. Ya, I admit Track Trip had been done very well although there is only one person in charge of this event(her partner left IMU), as it is such an easy event, just need to come out with a proposal and an instruction paper in d booklet, then collect the photos from every groups and give marks.

The bad comment is she didn't go n check the availability of shopping mall to take pictures, she only realize when the juniors report to her taking photos in KLCC is very restricted, she didn't really brief the juniors before they start off the events and create a lot of query among juniors and OOs, and one more thing, she trying to be high tech by asking the juniors to send her the photos through email without considering that the photo size is so big, how can send so many photos through email!! Well, u might wondering why I so DARE to comment about this, cause…

Photo explains everything. If u still don understand, my name is Qian Hui.

So the Finale Night, which is a closing night for the orientation, hhmm, do u know when did they plan the whole event? 2-3 days before the event…*Sweat…=_=lll* Ok, it went on quite smooth-ly luckily, and the food is quite nice lar. No comment on this, but the juniors did enjoy this event lar.

For Signature Hunt, where the juniors need to get signatures from committee members and SRC(Student Representative Council) members. This event suppose to be fun one, but ok, I dono what's wrong with the coordinator, I remember during the committee member election, she told everyone she knows how to organize an event well and is the type that can really do work one, that time I was thinking "wahh, this person let her become just a small signature hunt event coordinator is such a waste of talent man…". Her attitude prove me I m WRONG, is TOTALLY WRONG!!! We just get the signature hunt list on the last week on orientation, because we cant find her during the first two weeks of orientation(although I m same PBL group with her somemore!!!) and this event is the LAST to submit up the marks. My friend told me she said she don't even had a format of how to give marks to the juniors, on the last day of orientation...What lar, I purposely stay awake till 3am just to complete my scoring form one leh, how cant she do that too??! Lazy to do say lar….

Last but not least, the MOST well plan event, and the most AMBITIOUS one, but the least attendance one…Charity Home Outreach, I dono what should I call this event lar, cause last time is call Charity Home Visit where we get to visit different charity home and teman the children and elderly play or talk. But according to the event coordinators, what's the point of visiting the charity home just once and never went back next time. Its like we treat the charity home like zoo, just go visit then go back. So, they come out with this idea by bringing the children from charity home to IMU and enjoy the activities juniors prepares for them. Quite successful though, of course lar, so "WELL plan"…Dono what to comment, cause ppl oledy put so much effort in, not good if I go n critic ok. Just well done lar!!

Yupe, I finish criticing n commenting n praising. I know this orientation very messy, but luckily still got some juniors really enjoy it. And it really leave a sweet memory to some ppl...I hope the coming orientation committee learn from our mistake n lets make IMU orientation the best orientation ever, Yes, we can have a ragging free yet fun orientation! IMU rocks man…


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