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My comment #2

For the events…

Ice Breaker, be it dry or wet (means got play with water or not), both went off quite well but very messy in the end, esp the wet one.

Where got event that EVERY group get 100 marks one? The answer is yes cause every group score 100 marks which is d maximum marks of each events in Ice Breaker…Means all the effort of juniors in participating and competing GONE

Then for the first aid test, hope every juniors enjoy that, sshhhh, stop talking about that, this is our SECRET

Treasure Hunt comes next, another messy event, wahhhh, take time from 9am till 4pm, need to run around Bukit Jalil areas…after that day, my skin become 5x tan-ner!!! I still remember few days after that my fren ask me am I going for swimming or do any sports under the hot sun?? Yes I am, I run with my juniors, carrying a big bag that contain water and food with me, from IMU to Bukit Jalil Stadium then to Bukit Jalil park then to Vista Komanwel C and B…on Malaysia election day 2008…!! Hhmm, we do have letter from police station ok, to prove that we r not RIAT, haha…

My group-Lucky 13 during Treasure Hunt, hey, I didn't faint this time, but I finish the whole treasure hunt successfully leh! LOL…

Then come to the fun event, Dress Code Check, took 3 days with 3 different themes. During my time is 5 days for 5 different themes ok!! Basically is a time where juniors perform with the dress code assign to impress the seniors…I think this is one of those best organize events. Although the first day is quite messy and dragging, but the next few days it run quite well..

Telematch is most probably the most well-plan events beside charity home outreach. Due to the mess of Treasure Hunt n Ice Breaker, the person in charge of Telematch kena force by those higher committee members to plan the event well and do it properly! Yeah, it goes on very well, and luckily the rain stop before the events start, really a miracle. Ohh, the funny part is during 拔河, a competition btw seniors and juniors which normally seniors sure win one, our batch M107, break the RECORD of IMU orientation….because, we neither win or lose, but the tali PUTUS!!!! Ouch… Haiyo, this is the only time where seniors can show that we r stronger than juniors one, but……haiz…we "surprisingly" break the record…

........to be continue........

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