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My comment #1

First, this blog post is just personal view, no offence to anyone…

Ok, lets start!

I want to blog about this long time ago, hhmm, straight after d orientation end..

But then, I know its too early to critic since everyone so into that orientation and enjoy it.

Well, now that it is 2month+ after the m108/dt108 orientation, i think almost half of those that participate in the orientation had forgotten what had happen, so let me 诚实的ANALYSE this orientation…

The whole orientation started off with election of committee members, back to last year sept I think, as we know, IMU orientation tradition is, the freshie who win IMCC(a kind of solo performance, read it twice and u will get what its means) during their orientation will automatically become d president of the next orientation president.

Same goes to my batch, so basically the election start with electing vice president, then secretary, then vice sec, then treasurer, vice treasurer…………….and lots n lots post as there is going to be so many activities held to BULLY welcome the juniors.

The list of events goes like Ice Breaker, Treasure Hunt, Telematch, Dress Code Check, Variety Night, Finale Night, Track Trip, Signature Hunt, and Charity Home Visit. Yupe, that's all about the events, not to forget all those ""Very Important"" (?!) post like First Aids, Security, Chief OOs(Orientation Officer=good seniors), Chief SMs(Station Master=bad seniors), Multimedia, Publicity, Score Keeper.

I had to admit that I got into the committee board because of my dear friend, who left IMU before the orientation start, so sad cause actually we r partner, but now I m taking the event myself. Its ok, my event just a very very very small event only, as some said to me.

I cant remember how many meetings we have before the juniors coming in, but I know the numbers of PRODUCTIVE meeting can count with one hand..Because we had one meeting and had decided the theme and then the next meeting to change the theme and then the next meeting ask is the theme we decide earlier on feasible…. Another problem is we had meeting on 10am but the "important ppl" only arrive at 10.45am(be it during exam time or after exam time).

A forum had set up on internet but then it is not that useful oso cause a lot of ppl(including me I admit) didn't border to leave a comment there. Not sure how come like this, but now u know this the attitude of my batch in my uni. So now u can imagine, this is a committee board of a MEDICAL school!!! (Do u dare to be our patient in future??)

Finally, juniors coming in, orientation starts, but the timing are so so bad, one week after the orientation is our batch exam, so some nerdy committee members just want to do their job after d exam. Actually in my opinion, if they knew that exam is being held in between the orientation week, they should had plan their job earlier! Not two weeks before the juniors coming in, do u know before the orientation we had TWO++ MONTHS long year-end-holiday??

First meeting between orientation committee with juniors

This year, the banner is 非常难看(I m not the only one that say that!!), 比起去年,真的是 天差地,真搞不懂那些负责人在做什么的.

Then is the T-shirt, normally there is two version, one is for junior, another is for senior. Junior version of orientation T-shirt is simple n sweet (I dono how to describe dy…), senior version is oso simple n sweet. (I add the sweet behind just to make it not sound like I m criticizing ok…), worst still, I cant see the IMU logo at the T-shirt, dono is this part of creativity, or ??? Normally, IMU T-shirt should have IMU logo one, this is the first time I see such a careless mistake been done, on an orientation T-shirt!!

Next the booklet, Ooooohhh, when u see this, u will ask, is there anything wrong with the printer? Or the photostat machine? Or the person that do the booklet…. Man, its really like my teaching material for kindergarten during my COP, or my one even nicer cause got picture!!!

The video that show to the juniors with the purpose of introducing committee members to them so its easier for them to recognize seniors when getting signature from them is …….aiks……. No comment seriously!! All of us are SHOCK when we see it for the first time. Where got video so long one and does we really need >10 min just to introduce 2 seniors in a scene?? We have >30 ppl in the committee board leh!!

So for the groupings and OOs, its again *faint*, we don't even know the confirm number of groups do we have in total until one week before the orientation. And we don't have enough OOs throughout the whole orientation, is that really because no one want to become OO? Or it's the responsibility of the person that in charge of OOs recruitment? The only good thing for this OO things is this year got something call super OO, where we sem3 seniors or committee members take care of each group beside the OOs. Ok, poor Super OO like me ended up doing everything the OOs need to do because…..*shake head*…….

.......To be continue........

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