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In need of SP

Just a thought,

few days before, someone say this to me when i say i couldn't get an Simulated Patient(SP) from sem 1 for our OSCE practice...

"I heard that half of the sem 1 medical students vote for Mezhen during SRC election because of ur influence!! So it should be very very easy for u to find an SP for us right??"

Ooohhh, no!!!!! What CRAP is that!!!
What a FALSE statement lar...

Just because i cannot get an SP for one OSCE practice doesn't means that ppl should say me like that gua....

Wah, if i really so influential until half the sem 1 vote for mezhen because of me, then i mights well go n run for a position in SRC myself, then three quarter of sem 1 will sure vote for me lor!....lol....

Ok, i know its funny, jst post this up here to share n ask for favor that pls don't ever say that mezhen win is because of me ok...I am just a supporter and same with u guys, only can vote ONCE...
(This is not a SMS competition where i can Vote for many many time like MDG/Superstar/Malaysian Idol/or even IMU Idol!)

Just think of this simple logic reason....If not because of Mezhen herself has the quality and reputition, then no matter how influential m i, other ppl oso won't vote for her lar.

So, pls pls believe that our current(yeah, is CURRENT!!) SRC Medic Vice President really really can do work one, and have good reputition one...

Do u guys know after our Haemato/GI system course exam, when we all go out n ENJOY ourselves and have fun in MidValley, Mezhen, MianLi and other debaters from IMU still need to REPRESENT IMU to join some debate competition in Gombak(if i m correct)! And Mezhen need to skip class because can't come back ontime because of that competition... Where got ppl so DEDICATED one??!!

Wah, if i m her, i maybe will complain n complain n complain dy lor...(Its just MAYBE, i dont think i m that LAZY ok).

So dont u guys(i mean my IMU-mate) happy that u voted for her?
Ya, should be lar, as i already guarentee in my previous post that she wont give empty promise one..Just wait to c her shine in SRC!

Well well, the reason of this post is any SEM 1 or SEM 2 IMU students(guys ONLY) out there r free this few weeks(before 19th June) can become SP? Very simple job, just lye down on the bed and being palpate or auscultate or percuss by us seniors...
we need to practice our OSCE as exam coming SOON, and we promise u will learn alot throught the section one..pls lar contact me ok??

I don wan to become a SP provider again ok??!!

I still remember last time our mock OSCE time, so many ppl approach me to ask me can find a SP for them... Just because i m the most enthu super OO in the orientation and have my whole group of juniors who r willing to help me as return of my help throughtout the whole orientation...

Dont u all forget a super OO JOB is to PROTECT juniors?! Means if i feel that seniors are taking up too many of their time by asking them come to become SP and make them uncomfortable, i WONT allow one ok....

So, that's all i want to say,
those potential SP, pls contact my hp or email me at qian28hui@gmail.com lar ok, really need ur help.
OSCE is a stand alone paper now lar, i MUST at least do well!!!

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