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IMU SRC election result


IMU = International Medical University

SRC = Student Representative Council


Election date = 28th - 30th April 2008

Official result announcement date = 5th May 2008


% of students voting = 60% (so super poor!!!)




President - Leslie


Vice President (Medicine) – Mezhen

Vice President (Pharmacy) – Sivaraj

Vice President (Health Science) – Xin Ying


Secretary – Keng Seng


Treasurer – Chin Yeong


IT Liasan – Geowin


Public Relationship Liasan – Nicholas


Sports Representative – Chun Kang


Social Representative – Wei Luen


Cultural & Religious Representative – Sin Wee




Regarding the result, a lot are expected, some are really surprising, some are unbelievable..

But no matter how, IMU practice democracy, those are the ppl that chosen by WE IMU students, we should accept d result and respect them!

This time a lot of pharmacy students won SRC, although most of the TOP posts still hold by medicine students, but the pharmacy oso hold quite a number of posts, hope they REALLY do their job…

Because from the campaign day till now, I NEVER c some of the current SRC members appearing in my batch to give any speech!! Till now, I don even know how the Social Rep, Cultural & Religious Rep look like!!!

Honestly, I DON WAN this kind of SRC members, anyway, as I said, IMU is a democracy uni, so just accept and watch what will happen next…


And I m HAPPY with the result, especially……..

(everyone know what m I going to say dy)






I win!!

MEZHEN win!!!!



Good job my dear friend…I am really happy for u.



But for my other 2 friends that do not win, do be too sad, life have to goes on, so cheerz up. Maybe I can't understand ur feeling, but I just hope that u will be strong. Code a sentence from one of my secondary school friend's blog, "There is different champion in each person heart"(每个人的心目中都有不同的总冠军). Actually both of u are the winner in quite a lot of ppl's heart oso. Cheerz….




Thanks every IMU students who are willing to come and fulfill ur responsibility, ie, vote for this election. U all are really some very very responsible citizenstudents.


For my orientation group juniors from lucky 13, thanks for being so grateful and vote for mezhen at last. At least u all remembers how good she treats u all during the treasure hunt. I am so proud of u all.


For those juniors who rather stay at house studying and plan not to come and vote initially but at last can't stand my nagging and finally come out and vote one, thanks a lot. Ur vote really count, c, mezhen won dy!!


For my batch mates that don't care about this election initially but finally go and vote because I keep on asking u do so, thanks x 100!! And, please don't greet me with "Vote for MEZHEN" again next time when u all c me ya…my name is Qian Hui…


Seniors, thanks a bunch for voting and change the election result finally. Really thanks!!





Election finish, Haematology + Gastrointestinal System course
EXAM coming soon, in not less than 10 days leh,

STUDY larRR…………..!!!!

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