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About Me

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Real name is Qian Hui, refer as Qian will do.
Born in 1987, the birthday cake adds a candle every 28Dec.

Female, Perak, Malaysia

Long black hair. Black eyes.

Quiet/polite to strangers. Crazy / random to friends.

A normal girl who come from a small town call AYER TAWAR but study n graduated from a sophisticated uni call INTERNATIONAL Medical University

Christian. Believe in God, believe in Jesus Christ, believe in eternity, believe in Heaven and Hell.

Loves Bible. Prayer is important.

Loves writing, loves reading, loves playing plaino. Loves shopping. Loves high heel. Hates eating. Loves MUSIC n MATHS.

**Updates 2015**
Graduated from IMU on Feb 2012.
Completed Housemanship in Hospital Kuala Lumpur on April 2014.
Working as a Medical Officer in one of the government clinic in Melaka currently. 

Got proposed by the most romantic guy on 29th December 2013.
Married to her awesome Husband on 6th December 2014.

So much for now.
will update soon. xoxo

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