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In need of SP

Just a thought,

few days before, someone say this to me when i say i couldn't get an Simulated Patient(SP) from sem 1 for our OSCE practice...

"I heard that half of the sem 1 medical students vote for Mezhen during SRC election because of ur influence!! So it should be very very easy for u to find an SP for us right??"

Ooohhh, no!!!!! What CRAP is that!!!
What a FALSE statement lar...

Just because i cannot get an SP for one OSCE practice doesn't means that ppl should say me like that gua....

Wah, if i really so influential until half the sem 1 vote for mezhen because of me, then i mights well go n run for a position in SRC myself, then three quarter of sem 1 will sure vote for me lor!....lol....

Ok, i know its funny, jst post this up here to share n ask for favor that pls don't ever say that mezhen win is because of me ok...I am just a supporter and same with u guys, only can vote ONCE...
(This is not a SMS competition where i can Vote for many many time like MDG/Superstar/Malaysian Idol/or even IMU Idol!)

Just think of this simple logic reason....If not because of Mezhen herself has the quality and reputition, then no matter how influential m i, other ppl oso won't vote for her lar.

So, pls pls believe that our current(yeah, is CURRENT!!) SRC Medic Vice President really really can do work one, and have good reputition one...

Do u guys know after our Haemato/GI system course exam, when we all go out n ENJOY ourselves and have fun in MidValley, Mezhen, MianLi and other debaters from IMU still need to REPRESENT IMU to join some debate competition in Gombak(if i m correct)! And Mezhen need to skip class because can't come back ontime because of that competition... Where got ppl so DEDICATED one??!!

Wah, if i m her, i maybe will complain n complain n complain dy lor...(Its just MAYBE, i dont think i m that LAZY ok).

So dont u guys(i mean my IMU-mate) happy that u voted for her?
Ya, should be lar, as i already guarentee in my previous post that she wont give empty promise one..Just wait to c her shine in SRC!

Well well, the reason of this post is any SEM 1 or SEM 2 IMU students(guys ONLY) out there r free this few weeks(before 19th June) can become SP? Very simple job, just lye down on the bed and being palpate or auscultate or percuss by us seniors...
we need to practice our OSCE as exam coming SOON, and we promise u will learn alot throught the section one..pls lar contact me ok??

I don wan to become a SP provider again ok??!!

I still remember last time our mock OSCE time, so many ppl approach me to ask me can find a SP for them... Just because i m the most enthu super OO in the orientation and have my whole group of juniors who r willing to help me as return of my help throughtout the whole orientation...

Dont u all forget a super OO JOB is to PROTECT juniors?! Means if i feel that seniors are taking up too many of their time by asking them come to become SP and make them uncomfortable, i WONT allow one ok....

So, that's all i want to say,
those potential SP, pls contact my hp or email me at qian28hui@gmail.com lar ok, really need ur help.
OSCE is a stand alone paper now lar, i MUST at least do well!!!

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My face

Do i look like a cerebrity?

Hhmm, ok, i dont think so lar, cause i know i m not that preety, but ya, i know everyone is unique.......That's why out of curiousity, i try to put a photo to that website n check..

......10% loading

......35% loading

......50% loading

......95% loading


The outcome is....


Wow, not bad ar, at least i got 80-98% look like some japanese celebrity ar...haha, Shock Sendiri only..
Hhhmmm, let me admit, the result come out like this is because i use a quite nice photo to check..and everyone know photos can cheat one, ppl that may not look so preety but because she catch the right angle when taking photos, inside the photo she become very preety.

That's why sometime u see ppl blog, esp those wu liao blog that upload up >5 of their own photos in EACH and EVERY blog, like scare ppl dono their face, if u observe, most of their photos are taken from the same angle..WHY? Because only that angle, they can come out with nice photo, if not......@@@@

Talking about that, let me comment abit of some ppl blog, i know my blog aren't that good oso, but better than some who put up their photos in every post, i didnt say cannot put photos, if u put photos with different background, is to show different places of different events, then it's fine, but DON lar put 3/4 photo of ONLY ur FACE n sometime ur NECK on every blog post.....

Worst still, all the post are the same, we know u r very rich got webcam or good digital camera with BIG BIG memory size that can store 1000++++ of ur own photo, but pls lar post it to other place or jst keep inside ur own PC or laptope lar.

In Friendster oso, hhmm, last time i use to do that, but now i dont dy, after i realize how DISGUSTING i m..same goes to those who still do that, pls note, the adjective is disgusting ok!! U know, on one profile, ppl will put like 10++ photos of their own face, with same expression, same shirt and same look...

Excuse me, if u r a model mayb i understand, if u r NOT n understand that with ur heigh, U will NEVER become a model material, pleast stop it lar....i repeat, its DISGUSTING....No matter how preety u r, after browsing through 5 of ur photos of same pose, ppl oso will feel sien lar, worst if they found ur flaw in the 5th photos and their expectation on u drop......

Ok, this is just a light post, out of those examS and studieS and my university activitieS...

My End Of Semester (EOS) exam coming very very soon...
Wont update so often dy...Happy always everyone.....

Have a nice day.

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This call a day

What a day!

Wake up 8++am just to find myself fall asleep "accidentally" yesterday night.

Try to study, study..

11am, plan to go IMU print something and renew library book.

IMU elab SYSTEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went into elab 2, try the 1st PC, can't log in to my account,
a KIND senior told me the system is down, no point waiting for the account to log in...

Went to elab 1, try 2nd, 3rd, 4th PC, can't log in to my account, can't access to internet.

Go to helpdesk ask, the guy say they really sorry about that but cant promise when can they repair the problem.

Then he ask me "how many PC have u try in elab 2"
I answer "elab 2? err, one?!"
He say "u need to try A FEW cause some are having problem, some still can used"
I ask "are u sure?"
He say "yes yes, go back elab 2 and try on more PC"


Went back to elab 2, try on 5th PC, cannot log in.
6th PC, cannot log in
7th PC, cannot log in
8th PC, *patiently and full of hope* CANNOT log in oso!!

Means that i cannot print my thing today..Haiz, why IMU system down when my printer ran out of ink?!

Go to renew library book, went back.
Phone friend to borrow printer, she say she is going back to hometown dy...


Went back, thinking how, praying.

Ok, and at last the solution is:
I print my things using my HOUSEMATE printer.

Finish printing, plan to do some householdchore, start iron my clothes, a junior message, telling me later his result coming out, he think he didnt do well.

Start counselling via sms but found that the more i counsel the more negative minded is him......*faint*

Then continue my ironing.

Halfway, another junior call "Qian Hui where r u now?"
"I m at home lar..."
"that means u cannot help me take my result dy?" (what question is this lar?!)
"Oo, okok, when is ur result coming out?"
"Oo, okok, i go n take now"

Then, again, i rush to IMU, and dono where should i take the result..
Go to 4th floor, i tot at mph 6, no one there, rush down, he call again
"have u taken my result"

....Jason can u be more patient.....

Then meet my friend, he say take at mph4, go into mph4, no one there.
Ask again, they say at AAD, rush to AAD, but make a silly mistake again...

I tell them, "exuse me, i m taking on behalf of my friend"
Ms Kelly ask me "do u have any letter from the student?"
"what letter, he is on the phone now, u can talk to him"
"No no no, we only accept letter"

On the other end of my phone
"Qian Hui have u taken my result?"
"No lar, they don allow......"
"Then how?!"
*.....i very fan edy....*
"ok ok, now u put down the phone, i will find way to get for u now.."

Go to ask someone for paper planing to write a letter and sign on behalf of my friend, but half way realize how i so silly...

Quickly stop a junior that i know, take away his nametag,
"can u just go in n pretend u r XXX, tell the person ur student ID is xxxxxxxxx n take the result"

Poor junior, force by me, go in and take out the result....
Open the result, call Jason, ok,

JASON, u PASS ur EOS 2!!!!!!

What lar, this goes my day....

Later will be going to IMU again, for the 3rd time of today, studying with Diana..
A day just pass, i got 25 days left for exam now..................

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Video: Here in my home

For all Malaysian,

Do u love Malaysia??

Just think about it, why did God put u here, but not in other country like China, Nepal, America, India, Korea, Australia, Israel, Taiwan or Singapore??!!
WHY??...U r born in Malaysia and u hold Malaysian Identity Card and write Malaysian whenever u fill in any application form!! Is just because u r a Malaysian and should proud to be one.

Remember the earth quake at China 四川, tsunami at Indonesia, bom in London, war in Afganistan.... Malaysia is so lucky that we don't have any BIG bencana, that's why we still live here comfortably.

Those who say they don't like Malaysia, i dont understand why they still live comfortably here, still used the facilities here(don't u DARE to tell me u NEVER used the road/toll here? or lrt or rapid KL or public toilet here? or the education here?!) If really don't like Malaysia then migrate lar, GET OUT from Malaysia, why still stay here n complaining for nothing? POLLUTE Malaysia only!!!!

Don't Malaysia provide u a shelter?
Don't Malaysia give u FREE education(ok, i m not refer those rich ppl who chose study in private school one obviously)?
Don't Malaysia subsidize so much for ur essential need?
Don't Malaysia produce something that worth to proud off like Twinstower, KL city, Mahathir(?!) and many others achievement?
Don't u now still studying or working in one of the school/university/company in Malaysia??
Don't u now still SITTING / STANDING comfortably in Malaysia?!!

Then why condemned Malaysia as if u r a foreigner, the worst thing that a person can do is condemned their own family/belonging! Is like in the war, when we suppose to fight with our enemy, but in turn, we fight among ourselves! What JOKE is this??

Yeap, i do agree that some of the policy and n politician in Malaysian is so Not so good n did not do their job well, but still, we r in Malaysia, a democratic country, we have our right to vote for our government, we can use our strength to change the whole politic world in malaysia...
And for those who are so against government n think that the current government is full of bribary, cheating stuff, why don't u go n join politic and be sure u make a different in it, just u make sure urself don't become as same(or even WORST?!) than the current one lar....(u sure u can do it?!)

Well well, i will stop scolding those ppl who don't love malaysia and talking about politics here, i dont want to get ISA.. . Scolding them oso waste my energy only..

Let introduce some ppl that r still so passionate about Malaysia... Click here n u will c those ppl like Tony Fernades(if u still dono who he is, i DOUBT r u still a Malaysian, he is CEO of AirAsia lar!), Amber Chia, Daniel Lee, Jacklyn Victor, Pete Teo.........(the list goes on here) ...are so dedicated in producing a video on Malaysian Unity, without being PAID!!

Here's the lyric of the songs...u can download the songs/videos here...

Hold on brother hold on
The road is long. We’re on stony ground
But I’m strong. You ain’t heavy
Oh there’s a misspoken truth that lies
Colors don’t bind, oh no.
What do they know? They speak falsely.
Here in my home
I’ll tell you what its all about
There’s just one hope here in my heart
One Love undivided
That’s what it’s all about
Please won’t you fall in one by one by one [with me]?
Push back sister won’t you push back?
Love won’t wait. Just keep pushing on.
Yes I’m strong. You ain’t heavy.
Oh don’t you worry about that…
What we have the shadows can’t deny
Don’t you know it’s now or never?
Years of fears and years of tribulation
The heart keeps searching for that endless devotion
Hand in hand we’ll march like blood brothers
I speak for my people hope we’ll find peace forever
May the road ahead quench my thirst for success
May the road behind echo a song of the blessed
So I will let it be known yes I feel it in my bones
No matter where I roam this is home sweet home
- Words & Music by Pete Teo featuring rap by KLG Sqwad &
Altimet. copr Redbag Music 2008. All Rights Reserved -

The Chinese rap that translated myself....
If i m wrong pls correct me.....

free download

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To Be Fair...

I know i had blog alot about my dear friend since SRC (Student Representative Council)election start, so to be fair, lets show some other photos n my comment during husting week...

Basically, there is 3 day of husting during that week. First day is for all those Rep, ie Social Representative, Sports Rep, Culture n religious Rep. I m not there cause i m going for a Seremban talk organize by Mezhen n IMU Alumni...

The second day is for IT Liason(formerlly Vice Secretary), Treasure, Public Relationship Liason(formerlly Vice Treasurer). I was there of course...and that day is the day that has the MOST number of audience, hhmm, as the SRC member said, may b because everyone want to know more about where did their MONEY goes n how SRC treasurer manage the money...

Nicholas and Adeline running for Public Relationship Liason ; Geowin win uncontested for IT Liason

3 treasurer candidates

Chin Yeong + Jeya + Dominic, running for treasurer

3 of them are very good i think, but they show 3 different personality...as shown in this photo

The last husting day, Friday is for Secretary, Vice President Medicine, VP Pharmacy, VP Health Science, and President.
President Leslie that won uncontested is absent cause he need to settle some stuff in his country...But he did his speech through pre-recorded video.
VP Health Science r not there oso, i think she hasnt come back from work, nursing student work till 3pm during weekday...so she tak sempat come back i guess..

Husting Friday... For Secretary, VP, and President..
Note Keng Seng expression, the top two photos, his face is so SOUR, but good thing he did smile when i ask him to do so, so i can take a nice photo of him ma...Oh, ya, Keng Seng won uncontested for Secretary...

Sweet Mezhen + Famous Aveena, both running for Medicine Vice President

The candidates, the former SRC, the audience, the crowd...gather at the atrium...

The winner n result for SRC election n those who get into SRC Board is posted by me long time ago..Congrats again to them, their will officially become SRC members in 2th June!!

Hope they really can make a different....

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My comment #4

Apart from the post n comment of our M108/Dt108 orientation...

Before that i end this series of comments, lets show some of the photos when I m still a sem1 junior…

Our Ice Breaker very very fun one, exp the Steam BOM, where the seniors throw rotten egg+smelly fish+smelly food from the window of 4th floor to we, the group of juniors sitting in front of ground floor n cover up our head to avoid kena by the 'BOM'…

Track Trip, juniors, the theme I gives u all this year is very simple dy lor, u know my group theme last time is "60's in Sungai Wang", that's why all of us dress like 60s to walk around Sungai Wang u know…

My dear OOs, love them always..

And u know during our signature hunt, we really kena bully n dimarah by seniors one ok, like u saw in the photos…I remember the face of that senior and will not like her, and I don want b such a senior that bully junior like this as her!!

=the end=

Ps: IMU=International Medical University, a medical university in Bukit Jalil……

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My comment #3

For Variety Night, basically, I would say its very well done, the backdrop, the videos, the judging, the music, its very good. Just some group really give bad performance, like…

our group, i wish i can show a video here, but somehow i fail... Nvm lar, if i show, Chin Nam is going to belasah me dy..

There is 2 performance, one is group preformance, another one is POTW=Prince Of The Wild, where the juniors need to dance like an animal or plant..My group is Lotus.

Those who perform so badly get QC which means Quality Control check, the worst part is a Super OO like me that just learn about the dance 3 hours before the performance oso kena and being put on the "Sirim Rejected" tag, what is this lar, I though everyone should appreatiate OO's participation one, haiz… and WHY my two other girl juniors didn't kena QC, ooppzz……

Now come to Track Trip, an event where juniors are assign to different shopping mall in KL to take some funny and creative picture.100 marks is allocated oso, which is the same maximum mark as other events! According to some seniors, juniors LOVES and think that Track Trip is the best events. Ya, actually when I m a junior joining an orientation, I loves Track Trip the MOST. Ya, I admit Track Trip had been done very well although there is only one person in charge of this event(her partner left IMU), as it is such an easy event, just need to come out with a proposal and an instruction paper in d booklet, then collect the photos from every groups and give marks.

The bad comment is she didn't go n check the availability of shopping mall to take pictures, she only realize when the juniors report to her taking photos in KLCC is very restricted, she didn't really brief the juniors before they start off the events and create a lot of query among juniors and OOs, and one more thing, she trying to be high tech by asking the juniors to send her the photos through email without considering that the photo size is so big, how can send so many photos through email!! Well, u might wondering why I so DARE to comment about this, cause…

Photo explains everything. If u still don understand, my name is Qian Hui.

So the Finale Night, which is a closing night for the orientation, hhmm, do u know when did they plan the whole event? 2-3 days before the event…*Sweat…=_=lll* Ok, it went on quite smooth-ly luckily, and the food is quite nice lar. No comment on this, but the juniors did enjoy this event lar.

For Signature Hunt, where the juniors need to get signatures from committee members and SRC(Student Representative Council) members. This event suppose to be fun one, but ok, I dono what's wrong with the coordinator, I remember during the committee member election, she told everyone she knows how to organize an event well and is the type that can really do work one, that time I was thinking "wahh, this person let her become just a small signature hunt event coordinator is such a waste of talent man…". Her attitude prove me I m WRONG, is TOTALLY WRONG!!! We just get the signature hunt list on the last week on orientation, because we cant find her during the first two weeks of orientation(although I m same PBL group with her somemore!!!) and this event is the LAST to submit up the marks. My friend told me she said she don't even had a format of how to give marks to the juniors, on the last day of orientation...What lar, I purposely stay awake till 3am just to complete my scoring form one leh, how cant she do that too??! Lazy to do say lar….

Last but not least, the MOST well plan event, and the most AMBITIOUS one, but the least attendance one…Charity Home Outreach, I dono what should I call this event lar, cause last time is call Charity Home Visit where we get to visit different charity home and teman the children and elderly play or talk. But according to the event coordinators, what's the point of visiting the charity home just once and never went back next time. Its like we treat the charity home like zoo, just go visit then go back. So, they come out with this idea by bringing the children from charity home to IMU and enjoy the activities juniors prepares for them. Quite successful though, of course lar, so "WELL plan"…Dono what to comment, cause ppl oledy put so much effort in, not good if I go n critic ok. Just well done lar!!

Yupe, I finish criticing n commenting n praising. I know this orientation very messy, but luckily still got some juniors really enjoy it. And it really leave a sweet memory to some ppl...I hope the coming orientation committee learn from our mistake n lets make IMU orientation the best orientation ever, Yes, we can have a ragging free yet fun orientation! IMU rocks man…


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My comment #2

For the events…

Ice Breaker, be it dry or wet (means got play with water or not), both went off quite well but very messy in the end, esp the wet one.

Where got event that EVERY group get 100 marks one? The answer is yes cause every group score 100 marks which is d maximum marks of each events in Ice Breaker…Means all the effort of juniors in participating and competing GONE

Then for the first aid test, hope every juniors enjoy that, sshhhh, stop talking about that, this is our SECRET

Treasure Hunt comes next, another messy event, wahhhh, take time from 9am till 4pm, need to run around Bukit Jalil areas…after that day, my skin become 5x tan-ner!!! I still remember few days after that my fren ask me am I going for swimming or do any sports under the hot sun?? Yes I am, I run with my juniors, carrying a big bag that contain water and food with me, from IMU to Bukit Jalil Stadium then to Bukit Jalil park then to Vista Komanwel C and B…on Malaysia election day 2008…!! Hhmm, we do have letter from police station ok, to prove that we r not RIAT, haha…

My group-Lucky 13 during Treasure Hunt, hey, I didn't faint this time, but I finish the whole treasure hunt successfully leh! LOL…

Then come to the fun event, Dress Code Check, took 3 days with 3 different themes. During my time is 5 days for 5 different themes ok!! Basically is a time where juniors perform with the dress code assign to impress the seniors…I think this is one of those best organize events. Although the first day is quite messy and dragging, but the next few days it run quite well..

Telematch is most probably the most well-plan events beside charity home outreach. Due to the mess of Treasure Hunt n Ice Breaker, the person in charge of Telematch kena force by those higher committee members to plan the event well and do it properly! Yeah, it goes on very well, and luckily the rain stop before the events start, really a miracle. Ohh, the funny part is during 拔河, a competition btw seniors and juniors which normally seniors sure win one, our batch M107, break the RECORD of IMU orientation….because, we neither win or lose, but the tali PUTUS!!!! Ouch… Haiyo, this is the only time where seniors can show that we r stronger than juniors one, but……haiz…we "surprisingly" break the record…

........to be continue........

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My comment #1

First, this blog post is just personal view, no offence to anyone…

Ok, lets start!

I want to blog about this long time ago, hhmm, straight after d orientation end..

But then, I know its too early to critic since everyone so into that orientation and enjoy it.

Well, now that it is 2month+ after the m108/dt108 orientation, i think almost half of those that participate in the orientation had forgotten what had happen, so let me 诚实的ANALYSE this orientation…

The whole orientation started off with election of committee members, back to last year sept I think, as we know, IMU orientation tradition is, the freshie who win IMCC(a kind of solo performance, read it twice and u will get what its means) during their orientation will automatically become d president of the next orientation president.

Same goes to my batch, so basically the election start with electing vice president, then secretary, then vice sec, then treasurer, vice treasurer…………….and lots n lots post as there is going to be so many activities held to BULLY welcome the juniors.

The list of events goes like Ice Breaker, Treasure Hunt, Telematch, Dress Code Check, Variety Night, Finale Night, Track Trip, Signature Hunt, and Charity Home Visit. Yupe, that's all about the events, not to forget all those ""Very Important"" (?!) post like First Aids, Security, Chief OOs(Orientation Officer=good seniors), Chief SMs(Station Master=bad seniors), Multimedia, Publicity, Score Keeper.

I had to admit that I got into the committee board because of my dear friend, who left IMU before the orientation start, so sad cause actually we r partner, but now I m taking the event myself. Its ok, my event just a very very very small event only, as some said to me.

I cant remember how many meetings we have before the juniors coming in, but I know the numbers of PRODUCTIVE meeting can count with one hand..Because we had one meeting and had decided the theme and then the next meeting to change the theme and then the next meeting ask is the theme we decide earlier on feasible…. Another problem is we had meeting on 10am but the "important ppl" only arrive at 10.45am(be it during exam time or after exam time).

A forum had set up on internet but then it is not that useful oso cause a lot of ppl(including me I admit) didn't border to leave a comment there. Not sure how come like this, but now u know this the attitude of my batch in my uni. So now u can imagine, this is a committee board of a MEDICAL school!!! (Do u dare to be our patient in future??)

Finally, juniors coming in, orientation starts, but the timing are so so bad, one week after the orientation is our batch exam, so some nerdy committee members just want to do their job after d exam. Actually in my opinion, if they knew that exam is being held in between the orientation week, they should had plan their job earlier! Not two weeks before the juniors coming in, do u know before the orientation we had TWO++ MONTHS long year-end-holiday??

First meeting between orientation committee with juniors

This year, the banner is 非常难看(I m not the only one that say that!!), 比起去年,真的是 天差地,真搞不懂那些负责人在做什么的.

Then is the T-shirt, normally there is two version, one is for junior, another is for senior. Junior version of orientation T-shirt is simple n sweet (I dono how to describe dy…), senior version is oso simple n sweet. (I add the sweet behind just to make it not sound like I m criticizing ok…), worst still, I cant see the IMU logo at the T-shirt, dono is this part of creativity, or ??? Normally, IMU T-shirt should have IMU logo one, this is the first time I see such a careless mistake been done, on an orientation T-shirt!!

Next the booklet, Ooooohhh, when u see this, u will ask, is there anything wrong with the printer? Or the photostat machine? Or the person that do the booklet…. Man, its really like my teaching material for kindergarten during my COP, or my one even nicer cause got picture!!!

The video that show to the juniors with the purpose of introducing committee members to them so its easier for them to recognize seniors when getting signature from them is …….aiks……. No comment seriously!! All of us are SHOCK when we see it for the first time. Where got video so long one and does we really need >10 min just to introduce 2 seniors in a scene?? We have >30 ppl in the committee board leh!!

So for the groupings and OOs, its again *faint*, we don't even know the confirm number of groups do we have in total until one week before the orientation. And we don't have enough OOs throughout the whole orientation, is that really because no one want to become OO? Or it's the responsibility of the person that in charge of OOs recruitment? The only good thing for this OO things is this year got something call super OO, where we sem3 seniors or committee members take care of each group beside the OOs. Ok, poor Super OO like me ended up doing everything the OOs need to do because…..*shake head*…….

.......To be continue........

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How i manage Stress

Well, exam is getting nearer and nearer...
for some ppl, its jz another small test, no big deal cz they r so WELL prepared;
for some ppl, its a very big deal, cause they feel like they are NOT prepared;
for some ppl, after going to the quiz, they(i mean WE) panic dy, cz we r so blur during the quiz but wondering why other ppl(the smart KN) can answer so many question??!!

Hhmm, i think my exam fever manifest dy, just hope it wont go into other complication like extra stress ,loss of appetite, and insomia...
Cause if u got stress, u r more prone to get IBD, although IBD is rare in Asia, but it is increasing in Sing and Japan dy, so the chances of getting IBD is there.
And if u get IBD, u will have diarrhea and rectal bleeding, if the type of IBD u get is CD, then, malabsorption will happen, u will have nutritional deficiency, if it is Vit B deficiency(which is very unlikely cz i m not a vegetarian), u will have megaloblastic anaemia, so will get tire easily and cant concentrate well in study, then...................................

Okok, that's just bleh bleh bleh....crap!!

Since its exam period, lets show some of the "related" picture...

Our NEW library, nice and comfortable, hhmm, because it is TOO nice dy, so now alot of students love to stick there, the consequence is library become very crowded...If u go at 2pm++, u wont find a place to sit dy, cause it ALL(seriously, i try once) occupied dy!!!

But thanks God it is so crowded inside that day, if not, i wont go this place to study, here is much more quite and nice, i LOVE the environment here...:

Ooppz, so sorry Diana and MianLi, i took the picture when u all r not around....
This is how we study...
[ mp3+notes+highligter+Dorland dic+Papa Patho+water ] and one very important thing-JACKET, cz it is freezing inside library....

Beside library, we oso need to study at home right, cause we not YET have 24/7 library in IMU...

I love this e-medical dictionary, very useful...
Stedman e-dictionary, if anyone interested, can get it from me, i got the CD with me, very good for medical and pharmacy students!!

And for someone who r not so good in English(like me), this another e-dictionary i found very useful...
Kingsoft, so now i no need to go dictionary.com to check up the word that i don understand dy!! So nice....

So, when i study, my laptope will be in this mode..

And not forget, i love MUSIC, so must have some music when i study...
I only listen to chinese song ok, and i very out-dated one, so dont laugh at me if u know what song i was listening from that photo..

Hhhmm, sometime cannot be so out-dated oso, so i do read news, cz sometimes there is alot of interesting + funny news out there, like

Thomas and Uber Cup coming soon!!

Ooo, i think i had finish crap, just hope exam can finish earlier, i miss the non-exam period...so i can...

go crazy with my ATRC church youth....

act cute just to make my junior laugh...

enjoy sunshine at beach (photo taken at Teluk Batik)...

enjoy the green environment....

If u happen to ask what the crap this post is, so sorry, this post come from someone who wear this tag almost everyday, so don blame her...

Because she had got Pre-exam Syndrome now, which is one of the Differential Diagnosis for Stress.........!!!!! Ooouch...!!!

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Reallife Sydney White





我这位朋友所竞选的职位是医学系副主席。整个学生团体总共有11个职位,但是,由于副主席分为医学系副主席,药剂系副主席,以及健康科学系(Health Science)副主席,因此,学生只能投选九个职位。也就是说,只有医学系的学生才有资格投选医学系副主席,药剂系学生投选药剂系副主席,健康科学系也是一样。






  • 她是我班上的其中一位学生代表,一个像班长的职位。


  • 她也是去年我们的迎新周过后被学长们选出来的我们这一学期最佳学员,所以大概每一位学长认识她。
  • 她更是我们今年迎新委员会的副主席,所以,大概每一位新生都认识她。




  • 她来自马来西亚一间国际学校。



  • 还有,她曾经帮一个不懂什么化妆产品拍过平面广告,上过某个杂志的喔。
  • 在她还没进大学时,她曾在一间学院教过书。
  • 她很会说话,每个人都尊敬她三分,因为她讲话时太有影响力了。
  • 她长得挺高,所以看起来,我们好像低她一等一样。







  • 一颗真正想帮助人的心,
  • 愿意在人背后默默工作的态度,
  • 说到做到的态度,诚实善良的心,
  • 她没有开空头支票,她做到她所答应会做的,
  • 她努力的达成目标,向许多学长询问意见,
  • 她没有以不正确的手段办事,她在截止日期前交上了她的宣言文件后,没有因为后来看见别人的宣言文件比她的好,就擅自更改自己的宣言文件,
  • 她没有以对手的弱处来占对方便宜,
  • 她坚持不放弃,虽然知道机会渺茫,但是她还是愿意尝试。




有看过Sydney White这部电影的人就会知道,为什么我的题目是Reallife Sydney White,因为,







这简直就是真人版 Sydney White嘛!!






果然,女人的第六感偶尔也很准确的哦。Don't play play…….



  • 我传给学弟学妹们要他们投我的朋友的信息没有白费,
  • 我和一些朋友做的竞选宣传书签没有白费,
  • 我为我朋友写的那篇部落格文章没有白费,
  • 我到处向人宣传,要他们投我的朋友的口水没有白费,
  • 我到处逼人去投票的行为没有白费…………..




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IMU SRC election result


IMU = International Medical University

SRC = Student Representative Council


Election date = 28th - 30th April 2008

Official result announcement date = 5th May 2008


% of students voting = 60% (so super poor!!!)




President - Leslie


Vice President (Medicine) – Mezhen

Vice President (Pharmacy) – Sivaraj

Vice President (Health Science) – Xin Ying


Secretary – Keng Seng


Treasurer – Chin Yeong


IT Liasan – Geowin


Public Relationship Liasan – Nicholas


Sports Representative – Chun Kang


Social Representative – Wei Luen


Cultural & Religious Representative – Sin Wee




Regarding the result, a lot are expected, some are really surprising, some are unbelievable..

But no matter how, IMU practice democracy, those are the ppl that chosen by WE IMU students, we should accept d result and respect them!

This time a lot of pharmacy students won SRC, although most of the TOP posts still hold by medicine students, but the pharmacy oso hold quite a number of posts, hope they REALLY do their job…

Because from the campaign day till now, I NEVER c some of the current SRC members appearing in my batch to give any speech!! Till now, I don even know how the Social Rep, Cultural & Religious Rep look like!!!

Honestly, I DON WAN this kind of SRC members, anyway, as I said, IMU is a democracy uni, so just accept and watch what will happen next…


And I m HAPPY with the result, especially……..

(everyone know what m I going to say dy)






I win!!

MEZHEN win!!!!



Good job my dear friend…I am really happy for u.



But for my other 2 friends that do not win, do be too sad, life have to goes on, so cheerz up. Maybe I can't understand ur feeling, but I just hope that u will be strong. Code a sentence from one of my secondary school friend's blog, "There is different champion in each person heart"(每个人的心目中都有不同的总冠军). Actually both of u are the winner in quite a lot of ppl's heart oso. Cheerz….




Thanks every IMU students who are willing to come and fulfill ur responsibility, ie, vote for this election. U all are really some very very responsible citizenstudents.


For my orientation group juniors from lucky 13, thanks for being so grateful and vote for mezhen at last. At least u all remembers how good she treats u all during the treasure hunt. I am so proud of u all.


For those juniors who rather stay at house studying and plan not to come and vote initially but at last can't stand my nagging and finally come out and vote one, thanks a lot. Ur vote really count, c, mezhen won dy!!


For my batch mates that don't care about this election initially but finally go and vote because I keep on asking u do so, thanks x 100!! And, please don't greet me with "Vote for MEZHEN" again next time when u all c me ya…my name is Qian Hui…


Seniors, thanks a bunch for voting and change the election result finally. Really thanks!!





Election finish, Haematology + Gastrointestinal System course
EXAM coming soon, in not less than 10 days leh,

STUDY larRR…………..!!!!

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I am happy!!

Its Sunday. I went for Campus Weekend in ECF, nice service...and i really inspired there and learn alot. Can't tell much here. Photos not up yet, may b next time lar..


SRC election is finally over, but the official result will only be out tomorow, Monday... very excited and curious to know who win right, nvm, still got few hours, wait lar, must be patient right...

Anyway, let share some photos - of IMU - AGAIN....

First, this is our atrium, we will c this once enter IMU from the main entrance, looks empty when there is no activities going on. But its sophisticated right, hhmm, of course lar, don forget IMU building was used to be a shopping complex, that's why we HAVE to use escalator everyday to go lecture hall which located at 3rd floor...
I think not much university have that "facility" right, lol...

Ok, what i really want to share is this, the place where the election voting take place, still in atrium, it looks so simple, i think IMU Student Representative Council (SRC) election is one of the SIMPLEST election in all the university in Malaysia.

The box in the middle that look like magic box is where we "throw" our 神圣的一票 in. Ya, we just get to do this once in a year, throw some vote into a magic box and hope for a magic result...hopefully...

Students voting....

Ya, and today i blog because i m very happy...

This morning i was wondering....

But now i m very happy, c ...happy and happy.......

Oh, i m happy...

Have a nice day!!!

Oo, i know the last part of the blog post is abit crazy..ok, bear with me..

And stay tune for tomorow SRC election official result, all d best for my dear friends..

ByTheWay, what will be my title tomorrow?? may be "Reallife Sydney White"? Sound nice?? LOL.........i crap again, c ya tomorow...

Ooya, i forgot to mention one important gossip here, Mahathir owns a blog now, only got 2 post there currently, and his first blog oledy got 1000+++comment, second one d number comment oledy reach 500+++, cool man, check up here if u still dono about this!!!

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