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Vote Mezhen for VP

Blog post by someone from M107, telling you why you should vote for Mezhen…….

This blog post is specially dedicated for my good friend, Mezhen, who is running for Vice President (Medicine) currently. I m not the kind that are pro in putting my thought into word, but I had try, to come out with 10 reasons why WE medical students in IMU SHOULD vote for MEZHEN...

Oya, first of all, let have a brief idea of what a VP(Med) do in SRC and IMU. Basically, they deal with academic stuff in IMU, for example, our exam format, our learning sources, our lecture time, our integrations with partner medical school and not to forget seremban clinical school, IMU alumni, and all academic-related things in IMU..

A VP no need to be outspoken or very popular (this is the requirement for president, not VP), what he/she need is willing to do all those behind scene works, paper works, helping students in academic stuff, making the past year papers, exam tips, useful reference notes available to ALL students and think of better ways to help students achieve better in exam. Btw, all these are d main concern for every student in IMU right??

Hhmm, so now u knows why u should vote for MEZHEN??

If u still don't get it and make a decision to vote for Mezhen now, let me brainwash tell u more...

  1. She is the most suitable candidate for VP, she may not be that outspoken and popular in IMU, but she is the type that really can do all those behind scene work. And u won't have to worry that she will just say out or give promise loudly in front of u and ignore her job behind of u...

  2. She is very realistic; maybe some of you had heard her manifesto when all the candidates give talks in ur batch. She really writes her manifesto based on the real situation that SRC stands now.

    True, there is A LOT of things in IMU that even SRC cannot change, but, we can learn to adapt it, and SRC can help students to adapt it.

    For example, if we cannot ask IMU to change the exam format, like giving us more exposure to SAQ so we won't be so panic during EOS, we can have our very own mock SAQ so students will know roughly what to expect during EOS. (This is just an idea of what I mean by realistic) Rather than giving promises of things that is impossible to change in IMU (like ask IMU to give us more exam or longer lecture times), we should focus on what we can do to adapt the situation.

  3. For ur information, she really work hard for this post, she talks and get advise from a lot of past SRC members about how the SRC running in IMU, what is the things that SRC can do and what is the things that even if SRC keep on persist in requesting, it still cant be change. She knows a lot of behind scene story in SRC IMU.

  4. For those who r going to Seremban Clinical School, pls vote for Mezhen as she oso will go to Seremban Clinical School next time. I know this is a weird reason, but let me explain. Often, there is a lot of talks given by Deans from our PMS, and some talks by students coming back from PMS.

    But, doesn't u feel that those who are going to Seremban Clinical School are left out?? Hey, we r d majority in IMU ok, the MOST number of us will go to Seremban Clinical School at the end of the day, so do u guys want to know more about Seremban Clinical School? How is the life there, what do u expect when u went there, which area u should prepared well before going to Seremben? Do u guys know a lot of our seniors that went to Seremban Clinical School got scolded by the physician there for not be equipped well with whatever they need to know...

    Ya, so vote for Mezhen as she is going to make sure u guys won't feel left out in this matter and she will try organizing some talk by Seremban Clinical School as well so u guys know what to expect in future.

  5. Do u know that Mezhen had represent IMU in debate competition and bring pride to IMU by winning prizes in the competition? Hey, we need ppl like this in our SRC!! Not much students are able to achieve this in their 2 and a half years in IMU BJ. Think that SRC is Student REPRESENTATIVE Council, u sure want to be represent by someone that can bring pride to our Uni academically right, so, don't think too much dy, vote for Mezhen.

  6. Well, how come I so support her and come out and spoke for her? Simple, now u know that her socialization skill is so good that friends are willing to support her until blog for her when she really need the support. She is very down to earth, anyone of us can approach her when we have any problem, and she will help you when u need her help. So, if she got the VP post by ur vote, u can easily approach her whenever u need help. This make sense right?

  7. Well, for my fellow orientation group 13 members, if u all doesn't vote for her, I will be very very sad. I m not asking u guys to vote for her for ur Super OO sake. I m asking because Mezhen really help a lot in our groups.

    Do u all know that few days before the orientation Treasure Hunt, I was so stressed and worried that I need to guide u all in Treasure Hunt ALONE (without any help from other OOs). I m not a sports girl and I admit I fainted during my own orientation treasure hunt, so I really don't have faith on myself to bring u guys to run around Bukit Jalil. If there is no ppl guide u all, u guys will b very lost in Treasure Hunt. Some more u all need OO to carry water and food for u all.

    Mezhen offer help that time and she really does help alot, u guys know that. She even ran back to vista to buy water for us when we short of water. So, u guys should be thankful and vote for her. Btw, this oso ensure that in future, if u all need any help in academic stuff, she can offer help for u all just as how she offer help to run around BJ with u guys..

  8. Seniors, why u all should vote for Mezhen? As the senior batch, u all knows how SRC running and what type of candidate is suitable for VP. U guys know that a VP needs to have a very good personality, humble and down to earth, and will really look to students matter seriously and solve it. Mezhen have this kind of personality, she really care about the juniors and all students in IMU, so pls vote for her!!

  9. She is from local (Subang Jaya) and she lives in Vista currently. Coming from SJ means that she won't worry about going back to hometown during holiday and skip meeting for SRC meeting because wanted to go back hometown. Living in Vista currently means that she lives nearby IMU so she would not complain about going home too late at night as she lives nearby only. Somehow I think that living near to IMU give her an advantage for this pose as she will be available for all students at most of the time.

  10. Ok, last reason, simple and sweet, Mezhen care for you and me, she care for everyone in IMU, she has a great vision for IMU, she wants to help IMU students to achieve better in their academic, she will give IMU students a chance to speak up and voice out for them in SRC meeting..

So, I finish with my 10 reasons, guys, don't doubt now, make a decision to vote MEZHEN for Vice President (Medicine) now. Remember, the voting date for SRC is 28-30th April 2008, from 11am to 3pm, go to atrium at anytime u free btw that period and vote for MEZHEN as ur VP. And, pls put a cross beside Mezhen name, not tick. REMEMBER, vote for MEZHEN as ur VP(Medicine)……

******a fresh voice,

the practical choice*******

Qian Hui

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