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Vote Dominic for Treasurer

Hi, I think this is my last post before the result of SRC election out…


This blog post is specially written for the SRC treasurer-to-be, Dominic.


At first, I dono him well, and I plan to just ignore him in this SRC election. Because to me, he seems to be abit antisocial, so, the first time I heard he want to run for SRC, I was SHOCKED!! Dominic, sorry ar, I am jst trying to be honest here…


Well, that one just an intro. The first time I bum into him where we talk about his idea of running for SRC treasurer is during Easter Party, at one of our batchmate place. He told me he plan to get some shop to give discount to IMU students if we presented our ID card. I was happy with the idea. Then, I read his blog, which he show how enthusiastically (I really dono what word should I put) he wanted this pose. Ok, so then I decided to support him..


But then, when I think again, IMU is so small, where got shops want to sponsors IMU by giving discount to the students?? Hhmm, my faith in Dominic getting the shops' discount idea is shaken.


Then there start the campaign….


On one occasional day, I was waiting for my friend outside IMU
to go McD, then I bum into Dominic again, together with Pris, coming out from a cab. I know both of them make a weird combination…….@@@(Pris, don kill me ar!!) But Pris so excited-ly telling me, both of them just came back from Sri Petaling, and they had talk to a lot of shops there and they get good response from the shops!! A lot of shops agree to Dominic idea of getting discount for IMU students, including a (according to Pris) very good-looking Chinese dentist. I think Pris is going there to wash her teeth there every month if Dominic really become SRC treasurer and get discount from that dentist…akakaka….


So, I re-think about Dominic's idea of getting discount for IMU students (This plan is named IMU xTra plan), ya, IMU is small, the amount of students is not that much compared to other college o university, but shouldn't this b an advantage of IMU in getting discount??


Let's think this way, IMU students' amount is small, that means the shop no need to give discount to so many ppl, they won't rugi what… Not only that, this will attract more IMU student to mengunjung their shop. This is Kill two birds with one stone leh!!


On the other hand, for IMU students, we get the discount and no need to pay so much when mengunjungi the shops esp shops around Sri Petaling…


Both shops and IMU students get benefit from this IMU xTra plan!! Mutualism wei… *lame*


Let me elaborate more about this IMU xTra plan here, I m sure u can read it in Dominic blog oso.


Through this plan, every student will receive a 5% - 15% Discount in stores by using our IMU student ID card, stores in hand that is confirmed is:

  1. ENZO hairstylist in Endah Parade
  2. Kamal medical bookstore
  3. Teo dental surgery at SriPetaling
  4. Clinic Chin at SriPetaling
  5. AA pharmacy at SriPetaling
  6. 10 in one shop at SriPetaling
  7. Agape Florist at SriPetaling
  8. Ryu Men Tei Japanese restaurant at Midvalley and Subang
  9. Coffee Bean


Wao..wao, so, lets help Dominic make this into reality, vote Dominic for Treasurer!!


One thing to add, Clinic Ong & Cheong at SriPetaling oso will give free consultant to IMU student, I didn't pay anything when I went to the clinic for my post-surgery infected finger consultation.. maybe Dominic can make this officially..


Here is some reasons why u should vote for Dominic:

  1. IMU xTra Plan
  2. He really works hard this few weeks to make his promise in his manifesto come to reality.
  3. He is smart, he can handle UR money wisely and make use of it in an effective way.
  4. He is honest, well, I m quite sure about this because I can see that he is brought up in a very proper manner, and his believe in his religion is very strong. So, we can really trust him with OUR money!!
  5. He can b very serious when came to serious matter, so we don't need to worry that he won't do his job well.
  6. He is quite down-to-earth; u can talk to him regarding the SRC money thing if u want to.
  7. He is sincere in getting this pose!!


Well, so I really hope that u all can support Dominic, because I am looking forward for the
IMU xTra Plan!!!!


So, IMU-mate, Vote Dominic for Treasurer.


Voting date is 28-30th April, 11am to 3pm, drop by atrium and vote

Dominic for Treasurer

and not forget,

Mezhen for Vice President(Medicine)

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