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SRC Election

Ya, its varsities election time again...


And i found myself just so enthu for it, because I m one of the candidate.. not because i m one of the candidate, just because i really hope for a change in IMU, the so call "International" medical university!! Or International Money-making University... where each students pay >25K for one semester just for two-hours lectures per day, one CSU per fortnight, two PBL per week. Compare to paying 1.8K per year to study in local uni and got much more learning sources and learning activities,
its really I.Murdered U


Hhmm, remember the first day I came in imu, there is this talk by deans, after that, we are introduce to the SRC members, the first time i saw the president talk, i was so amaze, its just so COOL man…suddenly i feel that im in an international standard conference, the talk really impressed me (although i had now forgotten what he is talking about that time).


During the orientation week, we went for signature hunt, getting signatures from a lot of seniors, including SRC members. And the SRC members are just so nice, they give us signature without ragging, i love them so so much... Well, my point is, the SRC member that time really IMPRESSED me. My impression of SRC members that time is: SRC seniors = Nicest seniors in IMU.



As time been, I think is few months after we are in IMU, one day the SRC president came to our batch to announce that the election of new SRC members will start soon and we all can vote for our favourite candidate. This sound interesting to me as I never involved in this kind of election before. And I started to imagine that I m going to vote in a very important election.


Ya, and there we go, voting for the current SRC. hhmm, I had to admit that, somehow the result of the election is not as good as I expected. A lot of ppl that I vote for didn't manage to get the post. Well, this doesn't matter much for me at that moment of time, cz I m still Sem 1, who will care if the one that they vote for do not get the post, we just cant feel the disappointment of the candidate.. And for those who win, we oso don't put so much hope on them..


The current SRC members do done their job I guess (as an IMU student, I think I SHOULD say that, if not...@@@), but somehow my formula of SRC seniors = Nicest seniors in IMU does not apply anymore. Maybe I still can't accept that SRC members are just one year senior-ed than me...







Now, im in sem3 dy, a batch that is eligible for nomination as candidate in SRC election. At first, I was thinking of running it, but I just can't decide. I know there is some question I need to ask myself before I run:


Do I have enough support to win?

    Do I really know what should I do in future?

    Can I balance up my time for SRC duty and my studies?

    Am I responsible enough to take up the post?

    Am I suitable to the post I run for?

    What will ppl think about me if I run?


After I finish questioning myself with the questionS above, Fears come in, I really don't have confident in myself, not to say having enough support to win the election.. Well, I guess the best way is DON'T run for SRC if we really dono what to aspect in future.. I throw the application form I got from SAD, and decide to go on with my normal simple happy go lucky uni student life..




But then, to my friends that are running for SRC, all the best to you all.


And to my fellow IMU mate, here is some recommended ppl to vote for...


*highly recommended* the first candidate, Mezhen for Vice President (Medicine), I really truly sincerely eargerly (anymore to add??) want Mezhen to be our Vice President, so guys, esp medical students who r eligible to vote for VP(Medicine), pls pls pls do me a favour, vote for Mezhen, if u r the type that plan not to vote this time, pls do come and vote for Mezhen. And I reinsure u that u won't regret for voting for her, so vote vote vote for M-E-Z-H-E-N for vice president.. Thanks everyone. =)

Hhmm, for Sports Representative, my suggestion is Jonathan.

Then Treasurer, is Dominic o Jeya, this I really really had a hard time to choose, Dominic seem very sincere in getting this post, but Jeya seem can do his job well oso, hhmm, I cannot tell my decision now, mayb I will vote for dominic, u guys make ur own decision lar...


Stop here, will come out with a post telling everyone why we SHOULD and OUGHT TO vote for MEZHEN for Vice President (Medicine), till then, sayonara for today... zZzzZ..


Oo, before that, let share one photo first…

Vote for Mezhen ar!!!

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