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Some PoliticSS

I still remember, last week during the husting in my uni, i mean the friday one, one of the candidate mention that hopefully students in IMU will have more interaction among each others, esp inter-faculty wised.

Hhmm, well, do u know how many faculty our uni have?? Don guess a number >10, its way way way TOOOO much dy, we just have 3 faculty, oopps, its should be 4 currently, and 6/7 in mid-July.. Ok, the reason i mention this is, IMU just have 4 faculty now, but the inter-faculty interaction is very very poor. So, that candidate want to have interaction btw the 4 faculty, ie Medicine(majority), Pharmacy, nursing, dentistry(new).

But then, now, i can sense some fire between 2 of the main faculty in IMU..... the batter btw M and P is going on!!! I know this is abit exaggerate, but true enough, from the SRC election, u can c, P faculty candidate telling their faculty-mate, P ppl should vote for P ppl, on the other hand, M faculty candidate hope M ppl will vote for them, hhmm, M faculty is not so obvious in doing this, they are more to compete among each other for a seat in SRC...

My dear poor friend, candidate from M faculty being shoot by P faculty candidate friend recently. I think somehow that person is being too much, one of d candidate from P faculty just say out so LOUD on the stage during husting that the interaction btw M and P faculty should established, but then, the ppl that compete for pose lower than that candidate is creating some misunderstanding btw M ppl and P ppl....so, what's the point having interaction btw M and P faculty, weird right.

Haiz..i was so boring of GI and Haemato, that's why recently post up so many random and so-NOT-me here. Ok, i will stop crapping and back to my study...hopefully...

All the best to my dear friends in SRC election.

and Voting is CLOSED today, so my job as campaign officer is done, don't ever greet me with "vote for MEZHEN" next time when u all saw me again, ok????

I know i m too enthu edy for the past few weeks, but, anyway, at least i had somehow show u my effort to promote for my dear friend rite. Next time if got any election like this, u know who to find to promote for u dy IZIT...okok, i crap finish dy.

Have a nice day!!

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