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ME108/DT108 orientation, i love it so so so much, get to know alot of nice juniors, and feel a closer bond to my own batchmate, and 1st time involve in an university level orientation programme, 1st time become OO, 1st time get to give signature to juniors during signature hunt, 1st time go The Pavilion, have lots lots of fun...

These are the photos that i like most!!

ps: OTTP stand for Orientation Track Trip Photo *lame*

Group 1 - (May i know ur group name please??)
Btw, congrats for the win, u guys really have a good OO, n a super OO, that's why u all didnt get too low marks for track trip..Top 5 actually...

Group 2 - Trouble
First, i m really IMPRESSED when i saw d picture, this group really put in effort to take nice nice picture. And they r d earliest group to submit the photo. One more thing, they took a picture of photo taking is strictly restricted in KLCC, which is very good for me as i can inform the next track trip person don put KLCC in the track trip list. *big round applause*

Group 3 - Sampah
A very creative group name i would say, but when it came to track trip photo submission, errr, they do submit photo, but is after my repeated sms n call.. Anyway, as ur OO is my good friend, i give face lar, jkjk, i m not biased ok...

Group 4 - Hmm, so sorry, i oso dono the group name
Talking about this group...*shake head x 5* I know they r good juniors, everyone is so enthu and take good picture, but their group member kinda hard to find, i need to try so hard to get the leader to submit photo to me, and their submission day is one day after the dateline. Hhmm, according one of d judges, u all go Chilis, so he give this group quite high marks, which i don understand what is the link btw chilis n high marks in track trip photo..*sigh*

Group 5 - Fivelicious
Good job, i love the icecream so so so so much, so nice and so delicious, hhmm, mayb they r call fivelicious, they did very well in finding an interesting dish, which i think they get nearly full marks in that area...*wink*

Group 6
Hhmm, i dont quite like this group actually due to some personal reason, but bear in mind i m not biased ok, and i m not the only judge, they do take good photos. Oo, i doubt they travel together to the mall as i can c some of the photos show few ppl coming out from carpark and some photos show they took picture at d ktm station. My guess is, they purposely took photo at d ktm station jz to show they travel together, i think i m correct!! Ooh, luckily one of the group member is my housemate, if not i will had another hard time to find the group leader...

Group 7 - Milkshake
One of d earliest group than send in the photos, and the ONLY group that success to send me the photos by email..Let's give them a round applause...*clap clap clap*
I love the cute picture they took in from of timesquare where everyone hide behind d flowers, n d digi advertisment photo, this group really so enthu for digi ar...

Group 8
This group is good, i love the theme photo, but can someone from this group tell me why u all keep holding a book in the theme picture?? Hmm, this group is the group that send me large size photo and ask me go dono which website to download it, OMG, i m not computer expert, pls don ask me do this...But i like their leader, good leader actually...

Group 9
I get the photo from the leader at a random situation, hhmm, which i doubt if i m not present there, where else can i find this group leader...anyway, good photos!!

Group 10
*shake head* Do u all know that this 6 picture is ALL the photos i got from the leader of this group!!! Aiyoyoyoyo, how can u all gain high marks from me if u just submit this 6 photos?? Anyway, d dress code for this group is quite well done..

Group 11 - Bombshell
No photo cz u all know what they did??? They...put all the photos into........video form, and submit the video to me ONLY. Creative idea and they get quite high marks, but too bad, i cant upload their photos here...so sorry!!

Group 12
This group generally is very good compare to other group, looks like their OOs really put in effort to help the juniors. Good job!!

Group 13 - The Lucky 13
Ok, everyone, big big round applause for this group for getting d highest mark in track trip...
Well, to be honest, i m d OO for this group, n i do know the requirement of track trip scoring scheme. But bear in mind, i m NOT biased and i m not the only judge in this activities. Hhmm, this group is so enthu for track trip, i dono is because of me or they really enjoy it, but, anyway, good job dear..*hug for everyone in group 13*

Group 14 -
3rd overall in this orientation, but i don c why they got 3rd, my group lose to this group by 1 marks, how i so so regret for not giving my own group much more higher marks so we can b 3rd overall...Anyway, hhmm, let me comment abit for group14, i got the photo from their super OO, who is already so disappointed for this group, bcause they r less enthu in the orientation. Anyway, they do take good theme photo.

After glancing thru all the photos, guess what i discover?
JCo Donut really very very famous among KL teens, esp college n university students...
At least 4 groups consider it as an interesting dish......it's really OMG!!

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