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My Vote

Still in the topic of SRC election in my uni… I know this has been the 3rd post for that topic, but I dono why I m so enthu for it lor, hhmm, maybe I should go n run for it

Personally, I feel that the SRC election campaign time is too long edy, after one week of election campaign; I roughly know who I will vote for. Although this thing is confidential, but let me just speak up my mind here, anyway, who will care about whom am I voting for.

Basically there is only 9 poses to vote for, quite small number compare to other uni,,, aiya, imu not that big oso, no need so many ppl in the council, anyway they are doing not much thing oso.

Here is who will I vote for and why…

President : Leslie Silitoe

He already won uncontested, no need explanation for this, everyone know about this saying :

"Before Leslie decided to run for SRC president, no one WANT to run for president,

After Leslie decided to run for SRC president, no one DARE to run for president…… "

For the trust vote, I will put YES.

Vice President (Medicine) : Mezhen

I had one blog exclusively for why WE medical student in IMU should vote for Mezhen, pls read that. Summarize of that blog, Mezhen is very realistic, she put herself in the shoe of US(normal students), her manifesto is very realistic and is DO-able, she is working so hard to prove that she really do what she has promise in her manifesto, see Seremban Clinical School Talk. So, I m stressing again here, Vote MEZHEN for VP!!!

Secretary : Keng Seng

Hhhmm, I don have much choice for this pose, so, since keng is my previous orientation group mate and he won the IMCC for our group, jst vote for him lar. But honestly, his speech in some batches is quite weird, don't wan elaborate more, someone understand me.

IT Representative (previously ViceSecretary ) : Geowin Solomon

He already won uncontested oso, but I really dono he can take the pose seriously or not. I rather more ppl running for this pose so I have more choices. From my past orientation committee experience, I don't think I will support him 100%-ly, but he is quite nice to my friend, which I dono should I take this into account when putting a YES for his trust vote… Haiz, let me think first….

Treasurer: Dominic

I cant make up my mind last time, but after one week of campaign, I had decided to vote for Dominic, will come out with a blog of Vote Dominic for treasurer. Overview of the blog is Dominic really work hard to get this post, mayb he seem abit playful, but when he do his job seriously, u really cant believe ur eye. So, lets Vote Dominic for Treasurer!!

Public Relations Liaison (previously ViceTreasurer): Nicholas Yeap

I dono Nicholas well, but I have a feeling that he can take this pose well. And he is from Ipoh, since im oso from Perak, so I should vote for him, and he is oso from m107, so there is no reason for me to not supporting my own batch mate. So, vote for Nicholas.

Sports Representative: Jonathan Wong

Well, Jonathan look like a sports man n I believe he is a sportsman oso. And he has an extra support with him, which is his girlfriend is the current sports rep. So, vote for Jonathan!

Social Concerns Representative: ???

There is only one student from pharmacy running for this pose and I think he won uncontested oso. But I dono who is that, whoever lar, hope he will do his job well. For trust vote, I will put YES. Because I heard that he support Mezhen although he cant vote for her.

Cultural & Religious Representative : Nisha Puvan

Ok, among 3 candidates running for this pose, Nisha is the only one from m107, so of course I vote for my own batchmate.

I had finish with my vote. Alright, guys, pls put a CROSS beside the name of the candidate u wan to vote for, NOT TICK!! I don want to make this silly mistake again this year...and I hope none of u make this mistake this year. Esp when u want to vote for the following ppl:

Mezhen for Vice President

Dominic for Treasurer

Jonathan for Sports Rep

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