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Hhhmmm, just take some time out from my "busy-to-study" schedule to online, and guess what i found out, MDG result is out (then i suddenly realize today is MDG final, and ooohhh, the Johor Rich Chinese girl Cindy won MDG!!

A lot of ppl feel unhappy for her won, but dono why i feel happy, may be because i don wan the "macam ini macam itu" Malay girl Hanis win, ok, this is not racist, just i don like Hanis...For me , she is just abit fake, i rather c Cindy voice out her opinion and just be herself, not like that 17-year-old girl trying to be cute n sweet everytime..

Ok, i know this blog is so-NOT-me, just some random post-AGAIN.

Ya, IMU SRC election is still on, whoever havent vote, pls pls pls quick quick quick go n vote, 2ml is d last day, and don forget, Vote MEZHEN as VP, ok!!!!

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