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Lucky 13

To my dear lucky 13 members....
I hope u all really enjoy the orientation, someone told me I brainwash u all until u all so LIKE and MISS the orientation, while other group feel tired of the orientation. Hhhmmm, i dono how true is that, but okok, here is some photo to share, WE, lucky 13 mate is very willing to share anything one right?? *lame*

Yaya, i will stop crapping, let's begin our story

Before divided into groups, do u still remember where u all sit??

I spot some of u, try to find where r u lar...

How come i oso spot A LOTTTS of Infiltrator in this photo, aiya, those infiltratorS, next time sit behind lar, let the REAL juniors have chance take a groups photo ma...

1st meeting
Venue: PBL room
Everyone is so so blur..dono each other, jst sit there, thinking WTH this bunch of seniors doing, esp with a funny Super OO there talking nonsence, crapping and keep on taking photos...

Ooo, look at JuoNam face, so fierce, haha....

Lucky 13 1st meeting - the two that look so super blur is actually seniors, what a good actor!!!

The OOs - who is "supposed" to be under my supervised cz i m the Super OO, haha... But why m i doing more OO's job than them??!!

Second meeting..still in PBL room.

2nd meeting, finally come out with something....

Hhhmm, discussing..
Chin Nam : I want to wear this flag cz i want to become superman!!!!

First step to our Flag...

Those that help in drawing...

the clover leaf is finally done...

The bunch of ppl that do not "participate" in the flag "production"..but laze around in another room, hahaha...caught by me ya!!!

No lar, they actually doing the nametag...Okok, i forgive u all.


Finally...the nicest flag ever!!! of course, cz it include my fingerprint, hahahaha....

Everyone looking proudly on the flag...YEAH!!

And they believe by doing this the colour will dry faster. IZIT???

Well well, that's all for the meetings, will post the photos for other activity soon.

Let's end with something that u all produce, so sweet!!

Thanks ya, Lucky 13 ROCKS!!!

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