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IMU - random

Ok, this is jz some random photos i took in IMU

First, do u all know what is this??

Still dono?? U will c this everytime u enter IMU............

jz that u need to LOOK UP!!
Learning msg: don always look down when u walk into IMU, Look Up and u will discover alot of Nice things...

Secondly, the view that u will nvr see in IMU

Our formal escalator, which had been "dihapuskan" kerana IMU want to increase learning space for students...
according to connextion.

Then, something that i still don understand..

IMU have rent the atrium to become a venue for car show??
But i notice only 2 cars shown there...

Can anyone explain to me why there is cars INSIDE IMU???

Finally, the Conference that IMU is so proud off, and pour in so much budget in...
IMEC - i took it at Audi B, during the presentation sections by alot of lectures...
Oooya, i m there to become a time keeper for the presentation, still remember i sit beside a super smart ENT surgeon, Dr Elango....He is really a very very good doctor!! Btw, he is the chairman of that day presentation..
One month later, i jst realize he is one of IMU clinical school lecture........when he come to BJ and give my batch lecture on "oropharynx and oesophagus disease".
Ooopzz, i was so lucky that time!!!

Through IMEC, i realize IMU is so rich, we have so many high tech video cam, so many good brand microphone, and so many laptopes...really suite the name IMU - International Money-making University...

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