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CF camp

My first ever camp in IMU and in my Uni life - - - CF camp in PD
Wao, i still cant believe myself going for a camp, really....but somehow i persuaded myself for going the camp.
And true, i really have lots and lots of fun there, learn alot oso and make alot of new friends..

Designed to Connect - Camp Tshirt

Yeah!! All look so excited...

With the "Princess" Diana.

Well, i can hear Diana saying "duaiyo" after reading this...hahaha...

KK prettiest n cutest girl, Rachel Yong...

Sisters??!! Eehhhmm..

Jason, luckyly this photo no 45 degree...

My group leader - Kwan, who is oso from SMJK Nan Hwa... ie my Form 6 senior.

Me and the pretty Pamela. She change my view of M207 batch. B4 knowing her, i always thought that m207 is a nerding and inactive batch, but after talking to her, i realize there is still alot of active students in her batch...

Sweetie Sing Ying, i had a hard time calling her name correct-ly!! keep on calling her Ying Xin because ying xin is one of my orientation group junior...

Naomi, my dear angle...a Sem 5 senior.

All girls photo...hhmmm, chin nam u looks pretty ya!!

Our "first" meal there...

Our "Last" meal together before leaving PD...

Group 4 - my group with a korean name.

from top left to bottom right: Me-Rachel-Jason-Diana-Jac-Jacelyn

In the room

morning scene

At night

The Camp Fire!!

Fire is a very strong agent, it can burn away alot of things, let's throw our worries, our unhappy moment, the memory that we don't want to keep into this fire......and starts a new life!!!

Jason with his famous 45 degree...

Before the camp fire...


Post with some M107 pretty girls

Group photos

My nametag and keychain

Finally, CF camp is over, its time to get back to study...

Thanks the committee members for organize such a good camp, hopefully i wont forget this camp in my life.......

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