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Be Yourself

Blog again because i feel not fair for someone..

In a competition, there is surely a MUST-WIN thinking in every contestant, but if this thinking is too strong until u wan to win with any ways without considering others' feeling, then i think this is TOO much dy...

People may have different approach in doing things, so each contestants should not make use of the opponnent weak point to embarass ppl, this is just so so super UNPROFESSIONAL!!

And for the supporter too, if the supporter do something bad to the contestant's opponent, then the fault and consequences should go to the contestant him/herself.
If a contestant cannot control their own supporter or stop the supporter for doing something that will harm the opponant, then this is not a good contestant.

I feel sad for what had happen to my dear friend, but i really hope she will cheer up and fight more bravely.

Dear friend, don back off so fast, the war havent finish, do remember that u still have alot of supporter around u, and ur supporter are those who really really willing to fight in this war with u one, not that kind that say support u infront and betray u behind one..

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