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Today went for CF meeting, the sermon video that showed is trully really super super so so amazing!! Well, the pastor talk about how BIG and AMAZE is our GOD, and how he CREATED us in this super UNIQUE form!!

I was late for the meeting actually, but i do get to heard alot of interesting thing, and the MOST amaze thing that i heard is something about LAMININ.

Hhmm, i do go google and search for the word, and found this interesting page

U know our God is so Great and even the smallest thing that hold our chromosome together and give rise to our identity is something looks like cross, it is just so amaze...

Do check the page up and u will b as AMAZE as i..Ya, i wonder how many time have i use the word AMAZE, but it really really so AMAZE..mayb i should put that as a title....Wow!!

Yupe, i m going to CF camp soon and i really looking forward to that..

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