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My choice

Finally finish my 1st summative edy, so happy, but its only d 1st exam, still got alot more......n avthing i study now had to last till sem10...cant imagine, dat time i oledi in clinical school dy lor..

Local uni result out dis monday, surprisingly i got medicine in usm, is one of my favourite choice but yet not my first choice. Anyway, b4 d result out, i oledi make up my mind i don wan to shift uni dy, i m very happy here, with lots of friends around, going to d best chinese church in kl, having so many ppls care about me here........

But reality come when i went bac hometown after my summative, dad wan me go USM, which my campus is at kelantan.........I don wan to go, i jst start my life here, now need to adapt to new environment again?! Den another suggestion come, go NUS study in faculty of science which offer me a place there......but i wan to continue at IMU leh...

I know its a 2k vs 5k vs 50k decision, i cant afford to chose 50k but i really don wan d 2k one..... My cg leader told me, jz believe in GOD, He will prepare avtins for me, i believe n i believe if God wan me to stay back, he sure will provide n give me d correct answer..

Haiz, hd to relax n enjoy my 1st holiday in uni first, don think so much, believe all in God's hand!!!

June 22, 2007 at 12:29 PM

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