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28/11/2007 1530 i cut my finger while trying to open d dead tie by carefour guard, blood oozing out, i tot jz normal, wan to stop it quickly, but i gailed to suck it..
rush out to room, tell roomate, she insist of me going clinic.
went down, saw a taxi, ask him bring me to d nearest clinic, d taxi driver ask me not to dirty his car sommore..
den reach a malay clinic... d dr there say may b tendon broke, need to go hospital...
didnt bring phone, call dad using clinic phone, ask for unc;e no..
phone uncle, uncle come in 30 min time. rush to HUKM..

28/11/2007 1615 reach HUKM, go emergency department.. wait for c dr. First see a nurse, tetanus toxoid injected.

28/11/2007 1645 register to see dr. Wait at waiting room.

28/11/2007 1800 went in dr room... open wound, get an xray done, ask for rewound bandaging.. come out wait again.

28/11/2007 1915 went in dr room again, say need confirmation from orthopedic to decide whether need to stay in hospital, confirm tendon broke..

28/11/2007 2045 orthopedic come, confirm need to stay, saline put, blood stop oozing out. Extensor digitorum tendon broke, need a wound debritement operation...

28/11/2007 2130 admit to hospital...

28/11/2007 2230 eat my dinner.

28/11/2007 2300 a chinese dr come n tell that there has been an emergency case need operation, may hv to delay my operation.. Get my signature for operation..


29/11/2007 0530 wake up to get my BP measurement done, inject cloxacilin IV ly.

29/11/2007 0800 Parents reach KL...

29/11/2007 0830 Dr visit, with a group of medical student...

29/11/2007 1230 Senior phone, confirm pass EOS.

29/11/2007 1300 Dad n sis leave..

29/11/2007 1400 IV cloxacilin again..

29/11/2007 1900 IV water, den cloxacilin..

29/11/2007 2300 fast for 24 hours dy....


30/11/2007 0115 Called for operation... went to operation theatre, geanaral anesthesia, sleep...

30/11/2007 0300 wake up, finish operation. went back.

30/11/2007 0500 wake up for BP measurement.

30/11/2007 0700 Dr visit, can b discharged.

30/11/2007 1130 Discharged from hospital, back to vista, keep things.

30/11/2007 1300 Back to ayer tawar... Finish story, start oral cloxacilin...

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